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With Lifeguard Pools and Spas information is always free. Owning a swimming pool or spa/hot tub is a big job, and we’re here to help with all of your “How do you…” questions.

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Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Care: How To Get Rid of Algae

If you have algae in your Utah swimming pool or hot tub, no amount of filtering is going to help. You first have to kill the algae, and then let the filters do their job. Most types of algae will respond to chlorine, or if that doesn't work, an algaecide. There are many different types of algaecide out there, so do a little research as they have different functions, and some algae is more difficult to kill. Usually a combination of both chlorine and algaecide will do the trick.

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How Do You Repair Cracks in In-ground Gunnite Pools in Utah?

First of all cracks in in-ground gunnite pools don't always leak and consequently you don't always have to fix them. If you see a hairline crack it might not necessarily mean you have to fix them because they might not be leaking or leaking enough to matter.

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How To Care For Your Swimming Pool Cover With The Winter Snow

A few handy tips for caring for your automatic swimming pool cover in the Utah winter months. You're welcome.

Keep water levels at the proper level in the swimming pool. This is essential to the survival of the automatic swimming pool cover in the winter snow. The water level of your pool in the winter should be the same as it is in the summer: halfway up the skimmer box (the square opening on the side of the pool where there's a "flapper" and water goes in), which is usually halfway up the tile.

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How To Choose Winterizing Chemicals For Your Swimming Pool

Oprah may have her favorite things, and we have ours, specifically for winterizing your swimming pool or spa. Some of our favorites? We're so glad you asked....

BioGuard Silk Winter Floater WP: The Silk Winter Floater WP's unique design keeps two 1/2 lb. chlorinating silk sticks well below the winter cover line to provide long-lasting, continuous chlorination during the winter months. For white plaster pools only.

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