Spring Openings

If you just survived a long, bitter, Utah winter, you’re probably ready to get that pool or spa up and running as soon as possible. Remember to schedule your pool Spring Opening as soon as possible, because the weeks leading up to Memorial Day get real busy, real fast. What exactly is a Spring Opening? Glad you asked.

Utah Swimming Pool or Spa Spring Opening Includes:

  • Test and balancing water chemistry
  • Putting the plugs back in the pump, water, heater, filter, etc.
  • Priming the pump and start pool system equipment
  • Ensuring the pump is working properly
  • Ensuring the filter is working properly
  • Ensuring the heater isn’t leaking and the pilot is lit
  • Cleaning pool of debris
  • Adding necessary spring opening chemicals

What You Need to Know About the Spring Opening of Your Pool:

  • You probably can’t schedule your Spring Opening soon enough. Warm weather will be here before you know it, so contact us at 801-208-9527.
  • You should schedule your Spring Opening for around the time you think you’ll be ready to start swimming. So although Memorial Day is the traditional start to the swimming season, if good weather comes sooner, don’t hesitate to open your pool earlier.
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